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Saturday, May 01, 2021

Hp Printer Partial Reset, Semi-full Reset, and OOBE Reset (Hewlett-Packard)


  • Basic method:

    • Tap Setup > Printer Maintenance > Restore > Restore Factory Defaults > Restore

    • The dialog box warns:

      All configured settings in the printer will be deleted and the original factory settings will be restored. This includes the administrator password for the embedded web server (EWS), Address Book entries for scan, and Phone Book entries for fax.

      Also, Web Services account information will be removed, you will need to setup Web Services again on this printer. Until Web Services is set up again, HP Instant Ink will not work properly.

      Do you want to continue?

      Cancel | Restore

      Click here to watch if not working here 


  • Undocumented methods:

    • Press Back/Return arrow 4 times > Support Menu > Resets Menu > Country & Language reset, Partial reset, and Semi-full reset

    • Press Home, Back/Return arrow, Home, Home > Engineering Menu > Services Menu > Resets Menu > Country & Language reset, Partial reset, Semi-full reset, and OOBE reset (Out Of Box Experience)

    • Press Home, Back/Return arrow, Home, Home > Engineering Menu > Underwear Menu > system menu > clear nvm, clear firms, clear scan list, and clear derivative


  • According to Three Types of Resets for your HP Officejet 6110,

    Partially resetting it will return the printer to a responsive state without erasing the settings that you may have set on the printer.

    The semi-full reset is applicable on issues where the printer has gone haywire and does not perform as expected. This process requires all settings and data saved in the printer to be erased.

    [Full Reset] is rarely used. Usually the semi-full reset will do the job. . . . [T]here have been instances in the past where doing this reset procedure has cause permanent damage to the printer. Proceed at your own risk.

  •  states that none of these worked to reset the administrator password on an HP Photosmart 7510 e-All-in-One:

    1. Partial Reset
    2. Semi-Full Reset
    3. OOBE Reset
    4. Full Reset
    5. Clear derivatives

    However, he was able to reset the administrator password by resetting the network settings (Wi-Fi icon on LCD > settings icon > Restore Network Settings). On the OfficeJet 5740, the prompt states: Network settings (including proxy settings), and the administrator password for the embedded web server (EWS), will be reset.

  • The clear nmv option returned It is not the default serial number Failed to reset NVM. Changed the serial number to all zeros on a whim to no avail. However, angerion explained how to dump and overwrite the NVM on an HP Photosmart C4480; the options are located under Engineering Menu > Underwear Menu > photo menu: dump nvm=>file and dump file=>nvm.

    • While I was able to dump the NVM to an SD card, attempting to write back a zero-filled NVM2_RAW.DMP returned error 0: unsupported. Renaming to any other filename (including NVM_RAW.DMP, which angerion used) would return error: bad file /fs/sda1/NVM2/NVM2_RAW.DMP.

Support and Engineering main menu entries

Support Menu (Press Back/Return 4 times)

  • Support (Displays current firmware version)
  • Information Menu
  • Resets Menu
  • System Configuration Menu
  • Fax Diagnostic Menu
  • Print Diagnostic Menu
  • Connectivity Diagnostics Menu
  • Reports Menu
  • Scan Diagnostics Menu
  • Enable/Disable Menu

Some potentially useful/interesting options:

  • System Configuration Menu > Hardware failure status > OK to clear hardware failure status
  • Enable/Disable Menu > disable Fax, Fax reprint, Color fax (incoming), or Webscan features

Engineering Menu (Press Home, Back, Home, Home)

  • Manufacturing Menu
  • Underwear Menu
  • Services Menu
  • Fax Regulatory Menu
  • Extended Self Test
  • Country & Language

Some potentially useful/interesting options:

  • Manufacturing Menu > product usage menu > page counters
  • Underwear Menu > boot code menu > set to mfg_mode and set to user_mode (Booting into mfg_mode displays a grid pattern on the LCD. Pressing the power button returns the printer to user mode.)
  • Services Menu > System Configuration > Change serial number, Ethernet MAC address, and wireless MAC address
  • Services Menu > Service Tests > De-activate door sensor

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