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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Names of Symbols in Your Computer Keyboard | Computer Symbols

Names of Symbols in Your Computer Keyboard | Computer Symbols

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Symbols in Keyboard – Explanation and its use

Sl.   No.                   Symbol       Name
1                      & ampersand or and
2                       apostrophe or single quote
3                       * asterisk
4                      @ at
5                      ` back quote
6                      \ back slash
7                     { } braces or curly braces
8                     [ ] brackets
9                       ^ carat
10                      } close brace
11                      ] close bracket
12                     ) close parenthesis
13                     : colon
14                      , comma
15                    $ dollar
16                    = equal
17                    ! exclamation  mark
18                    > greater than
19                    < less than
20                    – minus or hyphen
21                   { open brace
22                   [ open bracket
23                   ( open parenthesis
24                  ( ) parenthesis
25                  % percent
26                    | pipe or bar
27                   + plus
28                   # pound or number sign or sharp or hash
29                   “ quote
30                  ; semi-colon
31                   / slash or forward slash
32                   ~ tilde
33                    _ underscore
34                    ? Question Mark
35                    . Period, dot or Full Stop
36             F1 to F12 Function keys 
Keyboard Keys explanation and uses

Sl.   No.   Keys   Name
1  Esc  Escape Key
2 Windows Windows Key
3 Delete Delete Key
4 Back space Backspace Key
5 Tab Tab Key
6 Caps Lock Caps Lock Key
7 Shift Shift Key
8 Ctrl Control Key
9 Alt Alternate Key(Windows); Option Key (Mac)
10 Prt Scrn Print screen
11 Num lock Number lock key
12 Page Up Page up Key
13 Page Down Page down Key
14 Insert Insert Key
15 Enter Enter Key

How to Remove Syskey in Windows 7

First Step:

System Recovery.

To check if you have System Recovery Options installed, follow these following steps:
  1. Restart the computer
  2. As soon as your computer stars, press the F8 key before the Windows logo appears
  3. When the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, check if you have a Repair your computer option listed:
  4. To continue, select Repair your computer and press Enter

Advanced Boot Options on Windows 7

he System Recovery Options screen can also have manufacturer-specific tools that can help you recover or restore your computer.

This brings the System Recovery Options wizard again. But this time, it presents more options to recover the Windows. Click the Command Prompt option.

open command prompt

Now locate the Windows partition and set it as the current partition. In Windows partition, switch to the Windows directory and run the regedit.exe command to open the registry editor.
The regedit.exe command works only if it is executed from the Windows folder of the Windows partition. Windows partition is the partition of hard disk in which Windows is installed. To know the Windows partition, you can use the logicaldisk get caption command as explained in above section.
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regedit command
The regedit.exe command opens the Registry Editor in new window. This window has two panes; left pane and right pane. Left pane displays registry keys and the right pane displays the values of selected key from the left pane.
Navigate to the following key in left pane.
In right pane, select the SecureBoot option and double click to open it.
lsa key

Change value data to 0 and click the OK button.

lsa update
Now navigate to the following key in left pane.
In right pane, select the F key and double click to open it.
domain key
Change value data to 0000 and click the OK button.
regkey update
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Now remove the installation disk (if disk installed) and close the Registry editor and click the Restart button.
restart window
Since Syskey has been removed, Windows will boot normally and will present the login screen.
windows login screen

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